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  • Little​ dragons:

    This program is perfect for kids from age 3 to 5 years old. They will get the best introduction to Karate . While learning discipline they will also develop confidence, improve their balance and coordination. While they're having fun and enjoying practicing in this amazing program they will also learn how to work as a team.

    Karate (Children, Teens and Adults):

    We teach a Traditional Korean Martial Art (Tang Soo Do). You will learn different techniques of Defense and ofense from incorporating hands and feet techniques.

    Kick Boxing:

    We are affiliated to the International Kick Boxing Association WAKO, You want to participate in tournaments and become more serious about it? For sure we can train you for it, but if you would like to exercise and have a better fit in yourself learn how to defend yourself, then this is the class you will enjoy taking.


    Join us training MMA, increase your endurance, reduce your stress, and get great work out, this is not only about roll on the ground and kick and punch is way more than that and you for sure will learn the most effective techniques in street Self Defense. 

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